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TRANSLATION: E. Romanenkova.
GENERAL APPEARANCE: Small, sturdy, balanced dog, slightly longer than height at withers.
The breed appears smart due to the profuse hair.
IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS: Length of body slightly longer than height at withers.
Muzzle a little shorter than skull.
BEHAVIOR / TEMPERAMENT: Balanced, lively, Friendly.
HEAD: In proportion with the dog, of medium size.
Skull: Moderately broad, slightly rounded.
Stop: Pronounced.
Nose: Not protruding. Black or in harmony with the different colors of coat.
Muzzle: Lean, straight, a little shorter than the skull, slightly tapered to the nose.
Lips: Tight.
Jaws / Teeth: A Scissors bite is desirable. Level bite is admitted.
Slight undershot is tolerated.
Eyes: Of medium size, roundish, dark brown or hazel colored, set a little obliquely.
Eyelids are thin, lean, tight, eye rims black or in harmony with the different colors
of coat.
Ears: Small, set on high, carried drooping or folded, the tips of the ear are closed
to the skull.
NECK: Of medium length, lean, carried high.
BODY: Compact.
Withers: moderately developed.
Back: Straight, strong, broad, well muscled.
Loins: Short, slightly arched.
Croup: Broad, a little bit slanting.
Chest: Deep, moderately broad, oval shaped.
Belly: Slightly tucked up.
Tail: Of medium length, set on high, carried gaily with curve over back to
either side.
FOREQUARTERS: Seen from front, the front legs are straight, vertical and parallel,
in good proportion and of good length in relation to the body
Shoulders: The angle at the shoulders joint varies between 90 degrees and 110 degrees.
Elbows: Turned neither in or out.
Pasterns: Strong almost upright.
HINDQUARTERS: Seen from the back, the hindlegs are straight and parallel, set a little
bit wider than the forequarters. Angulation of the rear limb must be such as to produce
a level back.
FEET: Small, arched, tight, slightly oval shaped.
GAIT / MOVEMENT: light, free.
HAIR: Dense, thick, prose, silky, soft and supple, forming large curls or very wavy.
Large curls are referred. Undercoat well developed. Not forming a parting of the back.
Head has well-developed beard and moustaches.
COLOR: Any colors overall except white: black, black and tan, brown, brown and tan,
gray (wolf, silver), red, fawn, cream, saddle, brindle. A little white on the forechest and / or
toes is tolerated.
SIZE: Desirable height at withers 24-26 cm.
FAULTS: Any departure from the forgoing point should be considered a fault and the
Seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should in exact proportion to its
* Overshot.
* Highly pronounced undershot.
* White markings more 20% of surface overall.
* Lack of beard and moustaches.
* Tailless, short tail.
N.B.: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into
the scrotum.